Gamma Sigma Chapter

Membership Requirements

The UNO Gamma Sigma Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi requires a minimum of twenty (20) hours of participation per semester by each member and pledge/initiate. Hours are broken down in the following way:

  • 8 Hours of professional activities sponsored by Beta Alpha Psi
  • 8 Hours of community service activities sponsored by Beta Alpha Psi

          (2 Hours of the 8 community service hours MUST be tutoring hours) 

  • 4 Hours can be either professional or community service hours but must not exceed 2.5 of each being non-Beta Alpha Psi sponsored events.

In addition to the hours requirement, members must meet the following:

  • Must be a declared Accounting Major
  • Have at least 6 hours of accounting credits
  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA in upper level accounting (all 3000 level or above)
  • Have at least a 3.0 Overall GPA in all classes attempted at the University of New Orleans
  • Must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours
  • Must not graduate the same semester pledging/initiating Beta Alpha Psi
  • Must pay semester membership fee plus a one-time initiate fee
  • Must actively participate in at least one committee


The first semester that you join BAP (your Candidate semester), your dues are $55.  Each subsequent semesters' dues are $55 per semester.

Dues are required to be paid by the second professional meeting. The preferred method of payment is a check made payable to Beta Alpha Psi. Please see the Calendar Page for the date of the second professional meeting. If you cannot attend the professional meeting contact the Corresponding Secretary.


There are no refunds of dues. If you are chosen as a Candidate and do not complete your Candidate requirements for initiation, or if you are a returning member but fall out of good standing by not fulfilling your membership requirements, then you will not be given a refund. 

What is a Professional Activity?

Beta Alpha Psi sponsors at least five (5) professional meetings during the semester. These will typically be held on Thursdays and the times will always be from 4:30PM to 5:30PM (See Calendar Tab). Each meeting will count as one (1) Beta hour. In addition, office tours will count towards professional hours. You can also attend non-Beta sponsored professional meetings (see officers for more details). For each non-Beta hour of professional activity, you must have one corresponding Beta hour of professional activity.

What is a Community Service Activity?

Each semester, Beta Alpha Psi sponsors several community service activities. Some past community service events include: Children’s Hospital Radiothon, Second Harvest Food Drive, Boo at the Zoo, MS Walk, Clean Up of City Park, New Orleans Festival of Neighborhoods, and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. Participation in non-Beta sponsored community service activities is also encouraged. For example, there is Habitat for Humanity, Big Brother/Big Sister, and Junior Achievement, just to name a few. For each non-Beta hour of community service activity, you must have one corresponding Beta hour of community service activity. In addition, Accounting Tutoring will also count towards community service hours. For each Beta tutoring hour, you must have one corresponding off-campus Beta community service hour to match.

What is a Commitee?

We have several committees that help our organization run smoothly. Examples include the tutoring committee which provides accounting tutoring services to UNO students and the e-mail notification committee which sends out e-mails to members and initiates regarding events, scholarships, and/or work opportunities.